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The Alterium is a FREE Social Network for the Alt, Gothic & Fetish lifestyles.

Similar to Facebook, VF and Google+ but not run by a corporation. Run for the scene and by the scene. Finally there's an alternative! We launched on August 1st - join us now and support THE alternative.


Why Join The Alterium?

1. The only adult community designed for alternative lifestyles that embraces all the Alt. subcultures.

We believe life is too short to be judgemental and pigeon-hole your lifestyle choices. So from Goth to TV, Kinkster to BDSM, metaller to burlesquer, be you an experienced fetishist, fetish curious or simply just alternative. Whatever your lifestyle choices you'll be warmly welcomed on The Alterium.

2. We offer free accounts or VIP accounts.

Free accounts can access all features, wheras optional VIP accounts support the scene, the site and help share our costs, spreading the love. VIP supporters also have additional privileges such as unlimited photo and video uploads.

3. A more sophisticated adult site.

Many specialist BDSM and fetish sites can be intimidating and appear more like a meat market. Sites for Goths can be predominantly for young persons under 18. The Alterium is the only adult site for the over 18's living an alternative lifestyle.

4. Uncensored freedom.

It's well known and a sad fact that the mainstream social communities censor your content, randomly deleting your profiles, content or images. Often not down to nudity but just simply because you may feature imagary containing body modifications or suggestive fetishisms or implied nudity. Here on the Alterium both nudity and images/content across the alternative lifestyle are welcomed.

5. Make new friends and connect with real people.

The Alterium has a broad userbase, real people living real lives. Finding, connecting with and meeting new friends on The Alterium is easy.

6. Be accepted for who you are.

Whatever your lifestyle or gender/role choices, you'll be accepted for who YOU are.

7. Simple to use.

The Alterium really is simple to use and easy to get to grips with. Right from joining you'll be sharing, making new friends and posting in no time.

8. A friendly place.

We are a friendly site and also have a dedicated team of volunteers to ensure we keep the trolls and fakers out. Whilst we fully respect and encourage freedom of speech and have a no censorship policy, hateful posts or attacks of a personal nature are deleted. Ensuring as we grow we remain open, free and friendly.

9. Events and groups.

Join specialist groups and post or join events.

10. Run by the scene for the scene for you.

We ourselves are alternative people living an alternative lifestyle and this is the site we'd want to join. It didnt exist, so we built it for you. Have your say in the future of the site. Join now!