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  • An open message to all Alterium members and users....


    As some of you have been aware I've been unhappy with the performance of the site for some time so would like your input.

    Lets start with the downsides, the what I call 'quality' content has dropped off almost completely with the site being used generally only by a smallish core of users to post status updates etc. There is very little in the way of any quality 'banter' in the forums and the groups are virtually getting no use or updates at all... Financially the site is making a loss in the main because most of the regular users are not VIP and our only 'income' comes form the VIP sign-ups.

    My original vision was we/I provided the means or the site for the Alternative community to have somewhere free of judgement and censorship where we can not only post our general statuses on a daily/regular basis as above but share new Alt. music, debate and have a real home for Alt peeps, somewhere interesting and content rich, a resource and a breath of fresh air..... This coupled with it being a place unlike Facebook etc where nudity was not only permissible but in fact welcomed, where debates on BDSM, clubbing through to Goth/Alt lifestyles etc were also welcomed. Its this lack of quality content that depresses me in the main. Whilst I'm not particularly interested in making money from the site as it was developed for the scene I also don't wish to continue be paying for it or making a loss working entirely for free if in the main its a waste of my time and resources....As far as I can see the 'tools' are there, forums groups events etc.... This coupled with the new users that do join seem to register and then do absolutely nothing and retaining new users seems pathetically low.

    On the upside we do have a good core of regular users, what we the site providers need is more support in the form of, if you are a regular user support us and go VIP. Post content, seek it out, either post your own life interests and experiences or search the net for debates and topics that may spark other users interests.. If 100 users posted 5 forum and/or group posts EACH per week and also replied to 5 posts made by other users we'd very quickly restart and rekindle the content and have somewhere interesting and beneficial for the whole Alt community.....

    So the message really is I personally don't wish to flog a dead horse for much longer, IF indeed that's what the site is you are free to disagree with me! :)

    If you believe it isn't then support us with actions particularly by posting content, replying to new content and sharing posts and content from the site on to other sites be that Facebook/Twitter or other adult type networks, this in turn attracts new users. Its a chicken egg scenario really...... Ive always felt being Alternative is about diversity, whether you are a model, a photographer, performer, a clubber a punk, living a BDSM lifestyle or just a regular Alt person living from day to day... The community, the people, our users (that's you!) are rich in artistic pursuant and lifestyles and interests from gaming to Goth, suspensions to tattooing.....


    Share your experiences from how you do your make up, spike up your hair, your last photo shoot, band rehearsal, a great new band you found, why gas masks and nuns turn you on, your travel and Holiday experiences, the potential for quality and interesting content is in all of us... so go POST!

    So without this seeming to be whine its really sharing the simple facts with all of you, if the site is superfluous and not in the main a requirement or an important place for the Alt community as a whole then maybe we need to consider its future. I'm open to suggestions but don't really feel there is much I can personally do, as this is a content versus users overall, something we need to all share. A problem aired is a problem shared.....

    Over to you...


    Our best as ever,
    Dark and deviant


    d.Void and Missy


  • fetasialatex
    fetasialatex The next time I see my techie lady I can get her to add a link on our website for here if you like.
    April 25, 2012
  • bludgod
    bludgod i'll spread the word on the websites i go on
    April 27, 2012 - 2 like this
  • arkor
    arkor Is this still the official page to post requests, suggestions etcc.. ??
    May 3, 2012
  • trash
    trash I stumbled here by accident, avoiding the irritating glare of the big social sites, keen to forcefully vent the current chapter of my life in a place that had the right mood to it... But putting aside my selfish motivations, I do believe what your doing h...  more
    December 9, 2013 - 2 like this