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    Why sign up for a VIP account?

    Feature comparisons below.

    Firstly this is your site so by going the VIP route you literally buy into and support the site. This helps us maintain, develop and host the site. VIP also spreads the love!

    Please support The Alterium and sign up as a VIP now HERE


    Do we make any profit from VIP accounts?

    In a word NO. The cost of hosting and maintaining the site is huge, by going VIP you share this cost with us and it greatly helps alleviate the financial burden. IF at some point in the future we make a profit from VIP user subscriptions we'll simply lower the price of becoming VIP.


    So why go VIP, whats the difference?

    Free accounts get the basic site functions whereas VIP gets them all.




    Adverts displayed. 

    Total uploads (photos etc) limited to 5mb.

    Can link to videos (Youtube + Vimeo) but can't upload Video files.

    Can join but can't start Groups.

    Can view but can't add Classifieds.

    Can view and comment on Blogs but can't create.

    Can play music from existing user playlists but cant upload your own MP3's.

    Messaging limited to friends only.

    Can't change username.





    Only £5 monthly. OR £50 annually

    Payment by Paypal

    No Adverts. 

    Unlimited uploads (photos etc).

    Unlimited MP3 upload and profile MP3 player.

    Unlimited video uploads (upload your own video files).

    Start your own Group(s). Subject to admin approval.

    Create and post Blogs.

    Post Classifieds.

    Custom css input on your profile. (change your profile colours and background)

    Email ALL members (excludes blockings).

    Change your username directly from profile settings.

    Spreads the love and aides the development and future of your site.



    Please support The Alterium and sign up as a VIP now HERE 


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  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne You are right - there needs to be more contribution from core members... of course, I am guilty one - I don't post here enough and do intend on becoming a VIP member when I sort out some direct debits to other charities that I donate to each month. There ...  more
    March 11, 2012
  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne Ps - i'm having issues with my paypal account at the moment as I have registered a different bank account and it won't do the deposit thing so I can make payments on a regular basis by confirming my bank account - it's a really stupid system they have in ...  more
    March 11, 2012
  • SaintSin92
    SaintSin92 Be getting VIP now :) I believe I can spare a fiver!! xx
    March 11, 2012 - 1 likes this
  • dVoid
    dVoid Cheyenne I can do a recurring card payment email me if interested and can set that up for you :) xx
    May 18, 2012