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Play in the park

  • Another challenge set Hopefully another challenge met and smashed :)

    Play in the Park

    Who would have thought a visit to the pub and a walk home could turn into something quite so dark and deviant! It was not as if we had had much to drink, it was a fortunate detour as the pool; which was out first destination had been closed due to an emergency swim club training session. After our drink and animated conversation my companion (all outward appearing gent) said it was only right to walk me home.

    Chatting quite amiably we passed the local kids playground all shrouded in darkness and he grabbed me by the hand and pulled me toward it... ‘What are you up to?’ I asked and he chuckled ‘you’ll see’

    Entering the darkened park we could hear people singing in the church to the left of the playground and the dog training session in the hall a few yards from where we were. The park itself was surrounded by hedges and bushes on three sides, a foot path on the right and a 6ft high fence behind the bushes at the back where a group of four houses were. Like some kind of giant child Neil took to his heels and ran toward the nearest climbing apparatus and began squeezing himself up the narrow stairs, he was such a sight I couldn’t help but laugh out loud especially when he got stuck on the slide on the way down.

    After about 10 minutes of being total kids on all the equipment we finally settled down under the suspension bridge of the  climbing frame in the dark; talking about everything and nothing, after a while Neil complained that his arms (that he was leaning on) had gone numb so we moved and sat on the bottom of the larger twisted slide which had high sides which fitted us both, or so we thought, just as we got comphy I slipped and fell against Neil landing on top of him, both of us now sliding.

    Being the one with the longer legs and strength my giant companion used his long legs and feet as anchors and we stopped moving, but I was still trapped on top of him and he was in no hurry to move me. Even when I tried to lift off his hand captured my face and he began to kiss me, not realising he had ever had any of those kind of feelings for me I gladly allowed myself to be kissed and with this encouragement his inhibitions melted away giving way to someone I didn’t know at all and it was very exciting, his kisses now became nibbles and bites down my neck as his hands now pulled at my clothes to get access to my bare skin.

    He growled with frustration when my shirt would not cooperate so I quickly undid a few buttons so his hands and mouth could explore at their leisure… mmmm he purred as his hands cupped my lace covered breasts his strong arms flexed and I found myself being lifted toward his mouth. Taking the weight I now supported myself while he pulled down the fabric of my bra lips capturing and tugging on my nipples chilled by the night air. The air hissed between my teeth as not only him mouth but his hands were driving me mad, his fingers slipped quite deftly into the waistband of my leggings and immediately started to rub me through my panties soaking the fabric in seconds.

    He bit slightly on my nipple as his fingers pushed past my panties and found my wet clit and hole, I groaned out loud not caring who might hear when he thrust two fingers inside his thumb rubbing my clit frantically. His legs clamped on to my knee that was between his thighs and his erection was all too noticeable. Trying to keep sane and control my body which was rapidly losing its grip, I pulled away from his mouth and pulled his shirt open and began a little biting and teasing of my own, he moaned loudly then pulled me close as someone came out of the hall. Trying not to laugh we stayed a still as we could without stopping, his hands still driving my clit mad with its friction. My own hand found him and began pumping slow and sensually it was nice to feel him growing even more in my hand. While the people went to the car I scootched down and teased the head of his cock with my tongue and chuckles as I heard his strangled growl. ‘Bitch’ he ground out as I pulled at his trackies and took the whole head into my mouth and sucked hard, relishing how his body stiffened. He was trying to keep control but with people around it was very difficult, the prospect of discovery just made us both hotter.

    As the couple moved away, I felt my throat seized and before I could squeak a protest I was pinned to the slide by his strong hand while his other yanked at my leggings. The cold air touched my skin making me tremble with cold and excitement. His grip was strong enough to tell me movement would be pointless, his hand now free of fabric scooped my bottom up as his head went down lips and tongue explored my clit, lapping like one starved, the sensation just made me wetter as I congratulated myself on liking tall men. My hips thrust myself against his hot tongue as it delved and lapped at my juices. My body was shaking with the need to cum, but feeling how close I was he stopped and I nearly screamed with frustration. ‘get up’ he hissed still holding me by the throat, his free hand now dressing me!’   

    ‘No’ my mind screamed ‘He can’t do this to me!’ 

    Dragging me into the shadows he thrust me onto my knees and grabbed my head ‘Do what you do best you little bitch!’ he ground out thrusting his hard cock into my waiting mouth. It tasted so good so I took it as deep as I could sucking and licking until I could feel his legs tremor slightly. ‘Oh fuck you’re so good at that… he said louder than I expected him to, then I heard a chuckle. I went to look round but Neil would not let me. 

    ‘Mmmm can we join in?’ came a feminine voice, and all I could think is ‘what the fuck is going on?’

    Looking out of the corner of my eye I could see a woman with long red hair get down on her knees beside me and unzip the fly of her partner setting his hardness free… ‘Before I do’ she purred ‘may I?’ she questioned looking up at what I now know as Neil, because he answered with a ‘help yourself’ and then I felt my breasts being set free and soft feminine hands caressing my breasts. ‘Mmmm you have such wonderful breasts’ she purred pulling me away from the hardness I was caressing. I now got to have a look at both of them and liked what I saw, both men were now leaning against the fence cocks in hand pumping with vigour, while this voluptuous redhead caressed my nipples with her beautifully manicured talons… she leaned toward me with her luscious red mouth kissing me softly as her hands reached for mine and guided them to her own perfect orbs, I rubbed them and she moaned kissing me deeply, I pulled at her top which gave way with little protest showing her naked skin beneath, pulling her close our naked breast touched and our kisses became more intense. We could hear the boys now groaning at the sight of us so wrapped up in one another, our bodies trembled as out tongues touched and intertwined, she grasped my hand and pushed it under her skirt, my fingers explored and rubbed the sopping wet fabric, and gasped and she now did the same to me…

    ‘You lady are dangerous to my sanity’ I purred, as we both pushed the fabric aside and delved our fingers into each other’s wetness…

    ‘fuck that’s so hot Keri’ her guy growled ‘when do we get a go?’ but before she could answer she moaned as my mouth kissed down her neck and bit down on the jugular, while my hands thrust into her again,   sitting back on my heels I trailed kissed down her shoulder and still fingering her I now cupped licked and suckled her beautiful tits and nipples… ‘I have a crazy horny idea…’ I whispered and got up pulling Keri with me. Moving to the small apparatus I laid her across the bridge and lifted her skirt exposing her soaking wet slit to the air and my mouth... bending down slightly I explored her clit with my tongue rubbing my bar against it making her squirm, looking over my shoulder I could see Neil gobsmacked but hard as hell.

    ‘Need cock feed me mick’ Keri demanded and her guy moved straight to her waiting mouth between the chains of the suspension bridge. I went down on her again as he filled her waiting mouth, my tongue exploring her sweet tasty hole my lips sucking and nibbling on hers while my tongue bar flicked her into a frenzy, I could hear her moan and beg around the cock that pumped into her mouth. Her hips bucked and her legs trembled as I brought her closer and closer to orgasm, my hands held the chains either side of her as my mouth now feasted and sucked at her hole and clit. So engrossed were we I didn’t realised Neil had finally had enough of watching and was behind me slipping my leggings to the floor, he grabbed my hips and thrust hard and I couldn’t help crying out in shock at his size, he filled me and it was so tight my already stimulated pussy couldn’t cope, against Keri’s pussy I begged him not to move, and for a moment I thought he would listen.

    I carried on suckling drawing the orgasm from Keri who was now begging for me to make her cum, she has my head held captive against her sopping cunt one hand and her man’s cock deep down her throat, I lapped and licked wriggling with pleasure as her body released a gush of warm juices as she came violently. Now Neil took his own pleasure pulling out and then thrusting home again hard, my body went into melt down and my knees barely held me, not that he cared he held me up thrusting hard again and again filling me and over stimulating me to the point I was sobbing with pleasure as orgasm after orgasm washed over me…

    ‘My turn’ Keri announced getting up as if she had never even came moments before. Looking at Neil with meaning she pushed him away and her and mick now laid me dazed and weak down where Keri was moments before and now it was her licking me out while her man mick thrust his cock down my throat.. using her very clever fingers I now am squirming on her hand, while I hear her purr ‘now big boy, make my knees buckle like you did hers’ she keeps purring but only for a moment when she cried out ‘holy fucking hell’ and her knuckles went white on the chains. I chuckled against micks cock as shock turned to abject lust. Grabbing her head I thrust my pussy against her waiting tongue but she was too caught up with being fucked by my guy, not missing the opportunity of an open mouth I whispered to mick and he thrust his cock into Keri’s gasping mouth filling her front and back… I watched happily as she took it all body quacking with orgasm after orgasm until her knees gave way and she flopped to the floor grinning. The boys were still not spent so I got up and took Keri’s place taking mick down my throat which he really seemed to like me doing and crying out around it as my giant snaked his arm around my waist and lifted my left leg up and thrust hard, Keri who seemed to recover quicker than me got on her knees before my exposed pussy licking my clit and Neil’s shaft and balls as it thrust into me, both men are growling at all the personal attention from our tongues.  My body slick with sweat and shaking with orgasm when Keri again starts suckling on my tits while fingering my clit.

    ‘Keri please can I?’ mick ground out and she nodded with a grin as mick withdrew and shot wads of hot cum over my face, tits and Keri’s face as she laps the cum from my tits and nipples; this was all too much for Neil and me and both of us came violently his hot cum filling me.. we were all breathing hard when my guy withdrew but Keri being greedy was on her knees before me drinking the cum as it dribbled out of me teasing one last orgasm as she did it.

    ‘omg that was the best outdoor ever’ mick gasped I told you it was a good idea to hang around a playground’ he grinned.

    Collecting our things we went to part ways…. ‘Ummmm you want to come back to mine and get cleaned up?’ Neil said suddenly

    I looked at Keri, who looked at Neil and mick then back to me with a dangerous twinkle in her eye…. ‘It’s going to be an eventful night’ she whispered ‘Who says playgrounds are just for kids?’