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who ownes who?

  • wrote this as part of a challenge to see how indepth i can get to expand it into a book

    any comments??



    Who ownes who?


    The first thing I remember is the screaming, then the heat and the smell of burning all around me, sleep melted away in seconds replaced by a need to flee, we were under attack and by the sounds of things our village was succumbing to which ever invaders had attacked us in the dead of night.. my father my brothers all told me to remain inside as they gathered their swords and spears, I cower for a moment trying to be invisible but the terrible sounds seem to close around me.


    Sparks and ash were drifting down upon me and I know if I look up I will find the roof of my home burning, but I dare not leave for I know that all that awaits me is rape and death. I move to the back of the hut and grab one of my brother’s weapons and gouge at the wall which was breaking away bit by bit, my heart pounding in my ears as I hear the roar of triumph from the barbaric hoard as it moves closer.


    The screams of the village women, the tearing of cloth all freeze my heart with terror but still I hack at the wall inch by inch it gets larger and larger until I can finally squeeze free. Taking with me the small sword I retreat into the wooded copse yards from the village, praying to our gods to spare my family, but I can see this is a futile act. The smell of death is heavy in the air and I know that few will have been spared.




    A war is going on with my head and my heart I needed to get away to survive, but my family was still out there alive or dead and I had to find out which. Using the trees for cover I change my vantage point eyes desperately searching for a glimpse of anyone alive that I knew.... I step to close and my movement must have given me away, I hear a shout and see three hulks heading in my direction. I turn tail and run my heart pounding in my ears as the branches bracken tear at my legs feet and night attire but no pain do I feel just terror, I have the speed of a hare but even that is no match for a war horse of a man.


    My body seemed to come to a halt mid-air and I realize too late that my hair has been seized in an iron fist, my head snaps back painfully blinding stars fill my vision. I hear a grating chuckle of triumph as I feel myself being pulled back, but I was not going to go willingly, I round on my assailant striking true as my father taught me and he crumpled to the ground. My hair was free and I move defensively almost in a cat like crouch with the sword held in front of me. I am looking from face to face and my head swims still from the blow of being seized but I cannot let it over power me anymore than can these blood covered animals.


    Another steps forward, while his cohorts circle around me I back up again and again desperately trying to stop the inevitable. A tree bars my way and my hand gropes it to guide my retreating figure around it, but it was no tree.....I span round in fright looking up into the face of a man mountain, and my world kilted. I brought the sword up but my reactions were no match, my wrist was seized and just the slightest pressure disarmed me, my sword falling uselessly to the ground. He smiled a satisfied smile believing I had surrendered then laughed (as they all did) when I began struggling biting and kicking. It was like striking rock, my blows did nothing and soon I was exhausted. 


    'Well little hell cat, what shall we do with you?' the mountain purred his question heavy with meaning, and around me I heard his men snigger almost licking their lips.  My head was screaming 'Run' but I was helpless I all I could do was look at my captor and give in to what will happen.  Closing my eyes I just hoped it would be quick.... but then I hear the fighting




    He didn’t care if it was share and share alike, as the clan leaders son he had a little more clout and he wanted this one... from the moment he saw her disappear into the thicket, lithe and fast with a mane as red as the fire that was consuming her village. He broke away from all the looting the moment three of the men spotted her hiding headed in her direction, they then broke into a run after her, but he was smarter. Moving swiftly he manoeuvred around the copse and came in behind her. She was an impressive little hellion feisty and strong cutting down Tarn before he even knew what happened. he waited patiently for her to reach him and when she did the contact was like the lightning from a summer storm it crackled across his skin but even this was nothing compared to the full force of her gaze.


    In those green eyes there was fury, fear, desire, they watched him shrewdly, proudly. She tried to kill him, but she was not a warrior and not as fast as he and she was disarmed in minutes, but still she fought, hands feet and teeth slashing tearing kicking, but it was like when one of the village kids wanted to play, they damage was minimal, but necessary to take the fight out of her just for a little while. He allowed his gaze to play over her body taking delight in the fact that she was very well put together, a body almost made to pleasure a man. Her flame red locks unruly and as wild as she no doubt was. Yes this one was his at least until he was done with her. She closed her eyes in surrender and the spell around them broke, and he could hear the short words and building argument.


    'No Tarn is dead and I was nearly at her when..... So I think I should have her!' Drake hissed


    'Like hell, I out rank you so I should!' countered Loki


    'I say we draw straws...'


    Daciana shuddered at hearing her being bartered over like a piece of meat, the thought of any touching her repulsed her but she had cunning, if she could get them fighting over her then they would let her go and she could run, the logical solution became clear.


    He was watching hell cat’s eyes and he could see she was scheming, she was far from just a pretty face, then she closed the gap between them and looked up at him looking almost helpless. He scoffed at this, she might look it but this woman was no innocent. She was looking deep into his eyes lips slightly parted and whispered 'Let me be yours and no one else’s' he was shocked at her frank assessment of the situation. She was willing to be his and only his in return for his protection? He supposed he could do this at least until he'd had his fill of her...


    'No one will be taking her except me!' He said possessively pulling her against him.


    Daciana was about to smile in triumph at her captors bold statement, his men tensed in anger, but her triumph turned to dismay as they bowed and moved away, now trapped against this hulk she was unsure what to do next? He it seemed had no such problem. his hands wound into her hair his head dipping to hers taking her mouth by force, his tongue pressuring for entry against her lips, she tried to turn from him to break his hold but his hands tighten sharply dragging her mouth back to his. she was struggling now and against her mouth he growls 'I wouldn’t do that if I were you, you offered yourself it can be easy or hard that is your choice...' still she struggles but his arm snakes around her picking her up as if she weighed nothing trapping her against his chest. They seemed to be moving but to god knows where, then she was released suddenly and found herself in a clearing. She looked at the man mountain who was removing what little clothing he had, and she turned tail and ran thinking she could get away......


    Her hair was grasped again and she stopped immediately in fear of her neck being broken if it snapped back again, she was being pulled back and she went but kept her back straight refusing to look at him, hoping to be invisible. A cold hard blade glanced against her skin and then her tunic fell away, she was now naked before him.


    He sucked in a sharp breath as the milky whiteness of her skin was illuminated by the cold moon above, she looked like spirit like a siren her back facing him, he pulled her against his already aroused frame and felt her stiffen at the shock of their touch, a surge of energy crackled between them, her skin trembles at the contact and her voice betrays her too with a tiny gasp. he turns her in his arms and takes her mouth again and this time she is off guard and his tongue plunders the recesses of her mouth, it tasted of the sweetest honeyed morsels each taste of her mouth her lips making him want more. He liked her like this compliant but with a defiant fire still raging with in her...


    Daciana found herself on the grass released suddenly, she had blood in her mouth where just moments before she had bitten her captor while he was distracted, he had thrust her away from him without thinking and she had landed heavily but ready to take flight again.  getting her legs underneath her she bolted and thought herself free until two large hands grasped her hips with unrelenting force, again she was trapped her stomach filling with knots of fear.


    'The hard way it is' growled the beast behind her and again she felt herself being dragged to the floor.


    touching his lip with his tongue he was both furious and amused, she definitely knew how to get him so wound up in her body to use it to her advantage and he would have to be very careful in the future, he was seething that he had been taken in by the ploy, but it made the game all the more fun.  he would make her do his bidding, he could force her now make that honey plump mouth of hers satisfy his inflamed groin, but as his lip was testament, she had a nasty set of teeth and not afraid to use them for the moment he would just have to make her compliant in other ways.  They were both knelt on the soft moss and grasses, his hands left to explore the reality of her body...




    By the gods why had she not been quicker! Daciana was furious, she was kneeling before him and his hands (which should be rough and brutal) were tantalising her, caressing her softly in ways she had never been. His chuckle grated on her because he was right to feel amused, her body was betraying her with every touch! 'This is wrong' her mind was screaming 'stop this and fight!' but her body was acting like it was not even connected. Twice she tried to pull away but all he said was 'Don’t' and she stopped. His hand trailed down her spine pooling liquid fire into the pit of her stomach, his hand skimmed her breasts and the nipples immediately stood proud. how could she feel this way with a stranger, her captor when she had never been with a man ever... the thought sent her head spinning and feeling her balance tip she put her hands out to stop her fall brushing the solidity of his swollen manhood. Cold dread at the size was like water dousing her into reality again and she turned away, she pushed she punched, she could not allow this....


    He could feel the difference in her the moment she touched him there and as suspected she began to fight. Gathering her close his mouth took her this time savagely, she would know that she was his and no amount of fighting biting or punching was going to stop it, her breasts were crushed against the wall of his chest, she was his captive and he knew that he had aroused her hence why she fought so hard now. he wanted her compliant but it would have to wait until next time and sadly for the men there was going to be many many next times, he would have her on her knees pleasuring him, his hands driving her pliant mouth onto him until his seed spilled down her throat, he would mate her like the wolf take his mate until she cries out in pleasure, oh yes he had so many plans for this one.  At this moment in time he wanted to see the surrender in her eyes when he took her, the realisation dawn that she would not be getting away from him until he was done and she was begging for him to keep her.


    He could still feel her struggling against him as he wrenched his lips away from hers exploring the curve of her pale neck. He nipped and bit gently where the neck meets the shoulder liking the whimper that escaped her lips, she pushed against him trying to lever away but all this did was expose her breasts to the onslaught of his mouth, and this opportunity he refused to give up. The legs that held her trembled when his tongue caressed the satin skin of her breasts, the hands that once pushed him away bit into his shoulders for support. He felt her go and he supported that weight as if she were nothing, guiding her legs around his torso as he slid home. All sane thought disappeared at her cry, at first it was sharp she was shocked body going ridged as her womanhood was breached, he felt the skin on his shoulders rip by her clawing, but he refused to stop.... caressing her back along the sensitive spine she shudders and the core that he wishes to dominate contracts around him once more her wetness seeping around his shaft as he thrust. He feels part of his control slip, she fits so well and his own growl of pleasure mingles with her own. 


    Iron arms hold and flex as he continues to torture Daciana, she does not feel shame though she knows it will come, this stranger this savage beast was making her feel things she never thought she could feel, do things she never thought she would do. She was riding on a stormy sea of lust, her mouth tasting the salty tang of his sweat. She this time was the one biting down on his neck as the thrusts became primal and wanton. The liquid fire that was once in the pit of her stomach now raged through her body like a forest fire threatening to consume them both, the sensation scared her because she felt like she would explode into a million pieces and no one would remember her passing. As if he knew what was happening to her, he shifted pressing her pliant body into the grass and moss, shifting and leaving her for only a short time, this abandonment left her bereft and begging. Her hips arch sky wards in offering but it was his mouth that connected with her heated wetness, his tongue exploring the satin skin around her suckling the tiny bud over and over until her hips her legs shook with the final pressures of her orgasm. It was her fingers that held him trapped and she crested the wave, it was their combined groan of pleasure as he drank the sweet nectar her body rewarded him...                                                      


    He climbed her body once more his mouth kissing a pathway back to her mouth, for a split second she turns her face from him, still defiant even when the rest of her burns for him 'still wanting it the hard way?' he chuckles grasping her hips and flipping her on to her stomach.




    'No, no don’t I will go willingly' she pleads finally and he knows he has his surrender. Letting her go she turns to face him her hand open waiting to be claimed once more. Enjoying this new compliance he asks her to touch him and she does tentatively at first her finger exploring his chest then torso, dipping down to brush his still hard phallus. The reaction was immediate and strong she could end this all with just the touch of her mouth or a stroke of a fist, but being the innocent one in all this she did not have this knowledge yet. instead she moved into his embrace and raised her lips ready for his.... he lifted her again swiftly ready to lock her back into place, she opened herself and they joined, now there was no pretence no playing, he shifted his baring weight and she was now under him, hip locked to his groin, hot, wet and very willing, his arms slid underneath her his elbows and forearms taking the load while his hands cupped her shoulders, she willing moved up to meet his driving thrust mewing with delight at the sensation they were building between them, he looked at her face expecting her eyes to be closed, her face turned away instead she looked at him forthright and direct, everything could be seen in those green orbs, honest lust, surrender and wanton passion.


    with each fusion of their bodies her eyes grew smokier, her skin slicker her core tighter, as before he knew from her reaction she was close and this time he wanted release. he surged ahead and she cries out clinging to him as her orgasm envelops her more powerfully this time, but instead of riding in down she still moves with him gripped tightly onto him he can feel every muscle around him, he feels his seed surge and thrust as his own climax breaks but still he cannot stop he drives on his muscles screaming for surrender. One small death later and he collapses spent and unable to move, legs and arms entwined with a witch, a sorceress for she has to be because he was trapped in lust...