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What is this "SUBSPACE" they speak of?

  • This is not my works, however, I found this very interesting and informatative! I think not only dom/dommes but submissive should read this as the more informed you are about your body the safer you become.


    “As a sadist I wanted to find out exactly what happens to the body not only the surface; muscles, skin, how a submissive feels when Í spank etc. I wanted to hone in and learn why the body does what it does and how it can cope with the things that are done to it so I can allow my sadistic side to push things further and also to master what I do.


    The human body is an amazing thing and it was built to take a lot of abuse. It can bear children, it can survive broken bones, illness and sicknesses, and also it can be pushed to the extremes and can still bounce back. Why can it do that? It is partially because of the neurochemicals that are released within the brain to help cope with what is happening to the body.


    We have all heard the coined phrase "it's all about the endorphins"... but there is so much more happening chemically than the release of endorphins. As a dominant starts to play with a submissive, they begin to spank, lick, tease, building and building intensity and has that happens there are two neurochemicals; endorphins and enkephalins that begin to flood the brain. These are responsible for helping the body to fight pain and are very close to the chemical structure to morphine, an opiate which in turn gives the relief from pain.


    Endorphins will shut off the nerves in the frontal lobe, stop the feeling of pain and then allows that area of the brain to flood with a neurochemial called dopamine which causes that feeling of euphoria that a submissive feels aka "subspace". This feeling or high has to eventually fade (medically speaking) so another 2 neurochemical called prolactin and cortisol begins to flow through the brain this is a stress hormone which causes feelings of depression and crying and feeling alone/feeling like you want to hide. These 2 "depression" neurochemicals can stay in the body for a few days afterwards.


    In other words, what goes up must come down... as the submissive gets high and floats into subspace because of the trauma (for lack of a better term) that is happening to the body, once it is not needed any more the body helps to level it all out. Once its leveled out the body responds by also flooding it with depressive neurochemicals to ensure the morphine like substance our body releases will not continue. Submissives in turn begin to get sad, want to hide, cry. These are just a few things a submissive may feel for a few days afterward...


    So.. how do we combat this? How do we help our submissive or help the bottom we just played with to combat this? As a dominant it is not just our job to make sure we dont harm them during a scene, it has to extend past that as their body is still trying to process everything you just did to them. If you cannot do it personally then it is your responsibility to ensure that there is someone (a friend, another sub, or another dominant) there to take over to give the proper aftercare.


    Aftercare is important because as you touch and caress a body, as the submissive starts to feel safe in their dominants arms a neurochemical called oxytocin is released. It is also is released when you feel love, lust and when you feel safe. This neurochemical helps to combat the depression, it helps to level that out. The more oxytocin that is released the more love we feel. When we feel loved it will automatically help with the depression that we are currently feeling.'


    As people in the lifestyle if we are going to learn to manipulate a body, use and abuse, make our bodies relish the pain/pleasure (or make someone elses), we also need to be responsible for what happens inside the brain and the after effects to the body on a whole. Typically speaking not everyone suffers from subspace or sub drop (a dominant can also suffer from the same however it is brought on a little differently). However, it is our job to check on one another to see how one another are doing, to ensure one another are okay... your job does not stop once the submissive and dominant leave the piece of dungeon equipment.”


    Norah's Writing 37F Domme (Edmonton, Alberta) 1/08/2012 (fetlife)