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Confessions of a goth girl

  • Sex is like a drug, like that bitter sweet pill that is hard to swollow but when you are lost in the rush your body keeps moving as if of its own accord, be it to the thumping music on the dance floor or the pounding of bodys melting in to one anouther. Let's face it, we all love sex and everyone has their own kinks and curves to things, we all like diffrent things so finding a person who shares your kink is something else.


    The first thing is finding your kink, sometimes people just know, others find there kink with anouther more exspranced partner, all though I must say having a guy fucking my arm pit was never something I understood, it just felt akward and tickled a bit.


    Any how my first kink I had from a young age and that was bitting, I loved it, it did not have to be living, it did not matter the texture or the hardness I would bite it. Biting in anger was great for me and gave me a little pop in my head, but this soon stopped with the disaplin of my mother, lucky I redicovered it in later life and the fondness of being bitten. The neck for me is the main zone of pleasure, from having someones finger lightly push the hair back to reveail the soft skin, the tingles and rush of feeling their breath against my skin, making the smaller hairs stand on end like when a cat gets scared, the soft brushing of velviet lips whilst my heart starts to race, the warmth and the wet of the tonge lightly dancing on quivering skin, then the bite, better light at first then increasing in intencity, as the pain spreads so dose the pleasure and I start to get warm bettween my legs, sometime building up to the point of near insanity, legs go weak and body melts, I can't breath and feel slightly deliriuose with pleasure. Then there is the flip side of things, they people who can't bite for shit, they just bite down hard and think its sexy, well let me tell you it is about as sexy as a limp dick. 


    With this little opener I shall leave this as the first part, as it was for me, my eye opener, my personal pleasure, I have many more now that I shall share with you later, but for now I want to you think back to when you found your first kink, maybe if you are brave enough you would share it here with us.