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How Heavy Being Transgedner.

  • HEAVY AND HARDCORE So I'm gonna spend the rest of my life, for years and years and years to come having to attend regular appointments, with an army of NHS people , each with their specialties, like nurses, doctors, hospital people,and shrinks, shrinks, shrinks, galore. I'm going to be tested left right and center and have a millions of physical medical examinations, with tons of blood tests. (I fucking hate needles.) I'm going to have to do all these psychological, psychiatric things as well, where I'm going to be asked highly confidential, really nosy personal questions : From how was my child hood; to the state of my mental health; to my sex life including my wanking habits. Its going to be no hold barred and totally undignified. People have to wait 2 years too get their first appointment at the gender clinic. 2 freakin' years? And me who used to moan about how long I had to wait before being able to talk to a shrink about my depression. And if I ever want to go privately, they charge 200 POUNDS AN HOUR. Also I hear that medicine is still not too good at dealing with people like me, in the rather unusual case of being transsexual, and wanting to change their gender. It's still not quite up to scratch. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that I might, once I have successfully transitioned, end up living happily ever after; like that brilliant transman Paul I chatted to at my first FTM LONDON meeting on the 7 of September 2013. Let's hope that I will , indeed, will find the grass to be greener once I will be on the other side of the gender divide.