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Fuck the French

  • Exactly like I fucking knew. my trying to change my name by deed poll is going to be delayed by those French wankers; cos I still have french nationality and passport.
    I'm so fucking Frenchist- racist against the french , who are the uncoolest people on earth. People from Kazakhstan are miles cooler than the stinking stuck up french, seriously. 
    The only way the french consulate would accept a name change would be by going back to fucking france- I swear on my mum's grave I'm never ever setting foot in that dump ever again.Oh noes. 
    I knew it, I knew it , I knew it-I should have changed my nationality YONKS AGO. 
    Everything is possible, everything is a achievable in this dream country the UK - the system is so flexible. 
    Its even possible for somebody like me who is still female ( grumbles ) to get to chose your title. So I'm about to get my bank statements addressed to : Mr instead of Ms = THERE WOULDN'T BE A CHANCE ON EARTH OF A STUCK UP COUNTRY LIKE FRANCE ACCEPTING THIS. 
    So I'm going to have to change my nationality 1st- then my name; 
    But then how brilliant that I' m about to wave goodbye to my having ever been french as well as my ever having been female.