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  • Corsets - A Buyers and Owners Guide

    We're just finishing up an opensource, not for profit, Buyers/Owners Guide to Corsets, and would really welcome your input. What will this guide do?… After reading this, you will be able to see the pros and cons of any corset, you will know both the corset  facts and the myths, you&rsqu...
  • Yes! I know you're submissive. Now shut up and stop acting.

    My rant this evening is about submission and dominance in public and in the workplace. Firstly, in public. Why on earth do some wet blanket submissives feel the need to talk to the rest of us as though they were still in the dungeon? 'I was so blue, and then Master/Mistress ....' I'm not particula...
  • Slow Fashion

    I've just tweaked my article on Slow fashion, there's some stuff going on that the High Street doesn't want us to think about, and it's important that we hear an alternative view from time to time. I know it's a subject that always gets a lot of cages rattled, but I honestly believe that ultimately...
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  • Burlesque

    I think it was the cupcakes that pushed me over the edge, but it could just as easily have been the 'lovely tea sets for sale from Mrs Stokes Vintage China!' (Their exclamation mark, not mine, I assure you) What is it with the Burlesque movement? Why this mindnumbing appropriation and romanticisati...