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Yes! I know you're submissive. Now shut up and stop acting.

  • My rant this evening is about submission and dominance in public and in the workplace.

    Firstly, in public. Why on earth do some wet blanket submissives feel the need to talk to the rest of us as though they were still in the dungeon? 'I was so blue, and then Master/Mistress ....'

    I'm not particularly interested in engageing with anyone's role playing fantasy. And furthermore you are making me wince since your idea of extreme submission seems, well, a little dull to me. And the thing is, it's just pouring out of their mouths unedited, just sprayed willynilly like a Tomcat marking his territory.  So my first question is: irrespective of my or your position within BDSM, are we supposed to just tolerate this nonsense as it washes endlessly and relentlessly over us?

    From my personal point of view, the most exciting subs and doms just keep it zipped, with perhaps an occasional twinkle in the eye by way of flirting. However, we've all met divas who mince around speaking to people whilst completely jammed in sadistic domme mode, and little twits locked in some weird sub personality. Believe me, if it wasn't for my job, I'd be screaming: 'Have you considered being real, even for a moment, for the sake of your sanity?'


    Secondly, in the workplace.

    Occasionally I get emails from dommes that think they rule the world.  I had an American one who wrote a stinging email, demanding to know why I'd spoke to her sub blah, blah, blah, I had no right to blah, blah, blah. When in fact the sub was her husband, and he had been emailing me about a surprise project for her, for about 6 weeks before she arrived.


    Everytime we run our Lux pop up shop, we get one or two sneering dommes come by. They won't meet your eye, they won't smile, and the first words out of their mouths are usually down right rude, their ugly temperament casting a shadow over our happy, sunny business. In fact they cause such a problem that I've had to come up with a piece of company policy for dealing with these vile people. Basically, it boils down to this. Since I have to work very closely and intimately with my customers, and that it's clearly not possible to do that with someone behaving this outrageously, we now refuse to do business with them, right there in the first instance. If they persist, we are allowed to tell them to FRO. Fuck. Right. Off.


    So, I'm feeling better for getting that off my chest, but would like to finish with a suggestion. If you're a sub or a domme/dom reading this and you're prone to acting out in public, please realise that you can never be sure to whom you're speaking. And it could be that the very act of trying to assert your dominance or submission outside of your personal boundaries is in fact losing you the respect of your peers, because frankly, my dear, you're beginning to look like a twat. A needy twat at that.


    Thank you. Rant over.


  • Lux
    Lux Just had to edit it for language (still managed to get a decent fuck in though) :)
    January 6, 2012
  • UniqueAddiction
    UniqueAddiction thank you for an interesting post Lux definietely insiteful i love reading others comments regarding this matter its a regular annoyance to all areas of play whether its a dungeon, play room , fetish swingers parties or even ac nightclub!!
    February 9, 2012
  • UniqueAddiction
    UniqueAddiction sorry to put this on your blog i respectfully ask may we become friends i hate just putting a friend request up i prefer introducing myself and saying hello also i love your website and your outfits are to die for thank you
    February 9, 2012
  • flourogoth
    flourogoth Gah!
    I would like to give you an honest answer as a submissive man.
    1. It's bloody awful at the moment that you actually realise you *worship* women. If you're in the "scene" then actually deciding that you all you want in life is to submit to a...  more
    May 1, 2012