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  • Update on our Mind Over Mania EP

    We have just donated £250 to MIND , which was the sum made up of sales of our EP "Mind Over Mania" plus some from our own money. This means that we still actually have 15 copies of the EP left, so you guys can still purchase one, and we will donate the additional money to MIND once the last re...
  • Spawn of Psychosis on Midlands Metalheads Radio

    Ok VIRALS, one of our tracks from our charity EP "Mind Over Mania" will be getting some air time by Midlands Metalheads Radio this Friday Night, on Rob WK's show Friday Night Massacre. The show is on from 8-11pm. GMT so tune in at: spread the word ab...
  • Is this an idea you guys would back?

    OK so, my band Spawn of Psychosis is playing Alt-Fest next year, which is all kinds of awesome, and we want to be able to put a really fun show on for you guys while stil being able to go through with all our other ideas for next year.   As a band we put money in from the day jobs etc to make...
  • Mind Over Mania EP update

    Hi all, just so no one misses out, we have already sold half of our charity EPs so if you want one you better get in there quick at Remember that all the money from sales will be donated to MIND. Thanks again
  • Raising Money for MIND

    Hi guys, just a quick blog to say that we finally got our charity EP done and released for MIND. The CD is four tracks and everyone who buys one will be sent two remixes once th eremixers have completed them :)   The CD is £5 and can be brought from with ALL pro...
  • KMFDM tickets at AC

    I know this isnt really a blog, but easiest way for me to get the messsgae direct to people. At AC I will have tickets for sale for our support slot with KMFDM on Saturday April 20th. They will be £13 and you will get a FREE bottle openner. If anyway want sone saved for them, to be purchased a...
  • KMFDM Islington O2 tickets are now available!!!

    Hi guys, so we have our KMFDM tickets AND the freebies we will give out with every purchase. No excuses not to come and have an awesome night with myself and the guys in Spawn of Psychosis on April 20th 2013, at the Islington O2, London. Tickets are £13 with FREE P+P from www.spawnofpsychosis...
  • Reflection on 2012

    So, another year about to leave, and for once, I have had a year of real growth. Personally, I put myself through months of therapy, and came out of it a far better person. This also changed how I relate to people and inparticular how I relate within long term relationships. I have let go of some...
  • IMPORTENT Charity campaign for MIND by Spawn of Psychosis

    Hi everyone, first off if you are signed up to our mailing list you will most likely hear about this through that too, however it is something we really believe in so we want to really publicise this campaign.   Mental Illness is something that has personal connections to this band and we kno...
  • Spawn of Psychosis Update 19/10/2012

    Hi guys, just a quick one so you can be kept up to date with some stuff thats be going on.   Firstly we are now going to be using our ailing list more often to keep our supporters informed of gigs, merch, releasese etc. To sign up to the mailing list just head over to