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  • So I have learnt many things since getting my band, Spawn of Psychosis, out on the road. The biggest thing I have observed is that there seems to be a growing disconnection between music lovers,and the independent bands they claim to support.


    Thats not to say that in certain parts of the world, there arnt "music scenes" but for me personally this term is highly over used as I believe it takes more than X amount of bands and X amount of venues to make a "scene".


    I have noticed that since the advent of the music download culture, more and more of the younger generations are loosing connection with what songs and albums mean. I remember how I would want to know everything about a band, where they came from, their personal stories, what songs meant and I would always go be the themes of music videos and album artwork.


    Sadly it seems, these things are being lost, and not just in the "mainstream" market,as I have no idea what Heavy Metal is anymore, thanks to these hardcore bands which to me, just look like the normal kids taking the piss out of all the "creepy metal kids" by learning drop tuned guitar parts and screaming down a mic.


    But those opinions are not what this blog is meant to be about, this blog is to see what people who do go to gigs actually feel about investing in the bands they see.


    How many of you buy merch and CDs at gigs?


    Would you download tracks from a band directly even if its was abit more money, but all the money went to teh band?


    If you dont buy merch or CDs oe pay for downloads, then why not?


    This Blog is really coming off the back of a video I did for my band before xmas 2011, where I tried to explain to fans how buying direct really helps a band, and what those sales get turned into. The example I used was that if the 27 people who streamed our track through spotify had actually purchased the same track for £1 then thats £27 which is petrol money, which in turn means we can play more shows etc etc.


    The Video was aimed at fans and we got alot of shit for it via a certain known group of haters, and we were accused of "begging". If the message came across that way, well that was not the intent,but I see alot of articules about the music business but never see a band stand upand say,"If we want to change things, then you, our fans, need to buy from us".


    So this blog is me trying to gage what gig goers want or rather, how they see themselves in the futures of the bands they watch.


    Constructive feedback on this topic is welcome


  • blackmonday
    blackmonday I've been a member of emusic since 2006 and buy 90% of my music through them. If the music isn't available there then I buy direct where possible or through sites like Bandcamp.
    I LOVE buying complete albums and finding out more about the people behind t...  more
    February 23, 2012 - 1 likes this
    SPAWN Its glad to see people do invest in bands and that this blog is getting some real feedback. I f I had posted the same thing on facebook I know the response it would of got. I know that half the battle is playing a set people will like, and then asking the...  more
    February 24, 2012
  • grenade69
    grenade69 for me buying merchandise at a gig seems compulsory. i may have only been to a couple of gigs in the last 17 years and walked away empty handed. If i can meet the guys in the band at the same time as buying, then even better. Have to agree with Lamiapoi,...  more
    March 6, 2012