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Reflection on 2012

  • So, another year about to leave, and for once, I have had a year of real growth.

    Personally, I put myself through months of therapy, and came out of it a far better person.

    This also changed how I relate to people and inparticular how I relate within long term relationships.

    I have let go of some demons, put others in their place, and taken control of my life, I have also laid my mother to rest, something that I have been carrying for 21 years.


    Outside of the personal development, has been the development of the band.

    This past year we released a new album, which was recieved wel, we have played alongside so talented bands,( and some pre madonna's) we have met some amazingly creative people and some even more amazing supporters.


    Alot of the things that have happened to me, have revolved in some way, around the community I have become a part of within the Alterium.

    Alot of recent opporttunitie for teh band would not of come about without the friendships and suport we have found and made through this site.


    Equally, my own development, would not have flurished without seeing how others live their lives in such an open and free way.


    So, hers to 2013, which is already looking lie its gonna be busy, especially for the band.


     Yes, youir gonna hear alot of this from me in the coming months, but we have all this to look forward too:

    1. Our charity EP for MIND(have you pre-ordered yours)

    2. Photo shoot (make us look weird and sexy)

    3. Music Video (hopefully, still working on the budget)

    and of course...the BIG ONE


    4. SUPPORTING KMFDM!!! April 20th, Islington O2, and yes, you can order your tickets from our site,, tickets are slightly cheaper, free UK P+P AND you will be sent a free bit of merch especially made for the occasion with your ticket.


    So..once again, thank you to everyone who has listened to me ramble, pitch my band, talk geek, talk perv, and just been there when I had days where I didnt know if I could or should carry on.


    Have a GREAT NEW YEAR everyone