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Once more into the world.

  • I do not write words, they drip from my fingers onto the page..
    As they always have,
    Liquid  maddness given form.


    I have been away as some may know,
    Dwelling in places I cannot show
    Nameless lands, where shadows dance
    Where chaos rules, where all is chance

    The land of oblivion, devoid of pains
    That consumes the soul, till naught remains
    I had become a shell, a hollowed out husk
    Had forgotten the sensation of love

    and of lust,

    For a year and more I have been away,
    But now at last my nature wakes today.
    One has woken me, and made the wolf grin.

    Like liquid shadow, thoughts slip out through my skin.

    The words are truth, the poem is done
    Now I'm back... let us have some fun