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  • Is this an idea you guys would back?

    OK so, my band Spawn of Psychosis is playing Alt-Fest next year, which is all kinds of awesome, and we want to be able to put a really fun show on for you guys while stil being able to go through with...
  • IMPORTENT Charity campaign for MIND by Spawn of Psychosis

    Hi everyone, first off if you are signed up to our mailing list you will most likely hear about this through that too, however it is something we really believe in so we want to really publicise this ...
  • Spawn of Psychosis music video community project

    DRAGG and I had a fun idea, a kind of community project. If you would like to make a video for one of the three tracks that were recently put up, then go ahead and be creative. The tracks were "Bodyba...
  • Supporting Bands

    So I have learnt many things since getting my band, Spawn of Psychosis, out on the road. The biggest thing I have observed is that there seems to be a growing disconnection between music lovers,and th...
  • My World

    ...Spirits,Ghouls,Demons.......Sinners of crimes forgotten.......Playing with fire in the depth of the darkness......Forever tormenting, plaquing the minds of individuals.........Forever torn apart by...